BTB is part of the Real Estate Industry

The Real Estate Industry is often associated with the image of slumlords or landlords that are not close to their tenants. Landlords give the “privilege” to their tenants of occupying spaces provided they pay rent.

This system emerged when the King of France won a battle (Norman Conquest) and took over England. Not having enough time to oversee his new territory, he divided the territory into regions, appointed “lords” to oversee each territory (land) ”¦ and hence the “Landlord” was born (purposely simplified).

A landlord is hence a “lord of the land” to whom tenants (temporary occupiers of the land) paid a duty (now rent) to farm or otherwise occupy the land. Landlords were giving temporary licenses to occupy the land in exchange for rent.

Real estate has not evolved a whole lot since then. Some Landlords still act as “lords of the land”, believing they have supreme powers over their tenants, directly granted by the King.

At BTB our mission is devotion client satisfaction. You will note that a client of BTB is a tenant. We don’t refer to our clients as tenants since we want all our employees, managers, suppliers and board members to understand that our business is based on attracting and retaining clients.

To do so, we rely on the following core values:

Integrity: We will not compromise our integrity for any reason.

Teamwork:  People sharing ideas produce better results.

Leadership: We invest in people who demonstrate integrity and achievement.

Respect: we build a work environment that is positive regardless of age, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Quality: Pursue excellence, passion for quality and service.

BTB and its peers are redefining the real estate industry by applying new standards of excellence and introducing the respect that our clients deserve.