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Management philosophy

At BTB a tenant is a “Client”, not just a tenant. Therefore our standard of service is held higher. BTB develops sustainable relationships and strives to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to our Clients.

Property Management

At BTB a tenant is a “Client”, not just a tenant.

As our world becomes more hectic, good old-fashioned client service must not be left behind. BTB strives to create layers of opportunity. Every interaction with a Client is an opportunity to create a relationship. Too often managers believe they only need to interact with a Client when the lease is about to expire. We feel that face to face meetings are better than phone calls, a drop-in visit to resolve a problem reduces paperwork and reduce turnaround time. We implement periodic surveys to ensure that all our management and service people are on track.

Tenants are concerned about the maintenance of their property. Tenants seek properties with attractive landscaping, entrance lobbies and common areas that do not show signs of wear and tear. For many tenants, the image of a building is their image. The types of services that are highly visible to tenants are maintenance and janitor services, elevators, HVAC, security and management. BTB prides itself in accommodating Client needs and we believe that Client retention is core to our business.

The challenges that face our managers include accommodating space requirements of our Clients, retaining our Clients who downsize or upsize, protecting the physical integrity of the building and its occupants, and achieving the desired tenant mix. A property’s desirability and profitability is based on its accessibility, prestige (image & reputation), Client mix and the quality of its building management. Our real estate management team is recognized for its professional integrity, communication skills, and analytical problem solving ability, experience and reputation. Our managers have demonstrated experience in the areas of human resources management; physical property management; financial, risk and administrative management; communications and Client relations.

Our Clients expect our property manager to ensure the “quiet enjoyment” of the premises, provide comfort security and safety in a well maintained environment. Clients have a service expectation that management will ensure high-quality and timely repairs in the premises.

Quality is measured in terms of quick problem solving or temporarily repaired. Timeliness is measured in terms of whether the work was done immediately or put off until another time. Our property managers have the support of a successful marketing and leasing department, and establish state-of-the-art policies and procedures, with the support of a well-rounded administrative and accounting staff. With this support our property managers can implement the programs to keep a high level of Client satisfaction and operate the properties at peak efficiency.

Special services are offered by BTB to its Clients. They include space planning and a varying degree of other services and amenities depending on building size and type which may include providing extra security, assisting Clients who have extraordinary need for electrical power or HVAC; adjusting business hours to accommodate Client’s after hours operations and providing any other service that differs extensively from standard operations.

BTB develops sustainable relationships and strives to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to our Clients.

In this text the word client refers to a tenant of BTB