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Our success in real estate results from the service we offer our clients. We’re the means by which they build their businesses, hire people, contribute to the economy, and shape society. People and their stories are at the heart of our success.


We buy buildings

We believe buildings have the power to shape human ideas in ways that push people and businesses forward. BTB identifies potential property acquisitions using investment criterias that focus on primary markets, clients’ reputation, long-term vision and redevelopment opportunities, in respect of heightened environmental standards such as BOMA BEST, LEED and Carbon Neutral certifications.

6.1 M
Square Feet
1.2 B
Total Asset Value

We manage relationships

We contribute to our clients’ success by offering them an environment where they can flourish. It’s our goal to give businesses and the communities they sit in, places for them to prosper. BTB’s internal strategy focuses on managing the client mix of each property, leasing vacant space and maintaining excellent relations with clients while ensuring structural and aesthetic integrity of our properties. (Metrics as of Q1 2024 Financial Report)

Occupancy Rate
Rental Revenue
Vertically Integrated Offices

We deliver growth to our unitholders

We provide unitholders with long-term strategy, stable monthly cash distributions, secure return on equity and the potential for capital appreciation. BTB considers the possibility to increase value by more efficient management of the assets being acquired, maximizing productivity gains, and accessing capital for expansion and development of those assets. (Metrics as of Q1 2024 Financial Report)

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Annual Distribution / Unit
AFFO Adjusted Payout Ratio
Our Impact

Our inaugural ESG report is out now

Over the past decade, BTB has undertaken sustainability projects with the goal of improving our environmental and social impact. We are taking steps to formalize our approach to ESG and better manage sustainability risks and opportunities across our business.
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