What does Impact mean for BTB?

Our mission as an organization is to give innovative businesses spaces to flourish that are healthy, safe and inclusive. Not only do we aspire to have a positive impact on the environment, people, and the communities where we operate, but we recognize we have a responsibility to do so.

Our Impact Pillars

Environmental Impact

BTB aims to continuously improve our environmental performance, without compromising the effectiveness of the quality of service offered to our clients.

  • Energy
  • Water and waste
  • Green building certifications
  • Biodiversity

People-First Values

People and their stories are at the heart of our success. We are committed to creating safe and inclusive environments for our clients, employees and the communities within which we operate.

  • Client engagement
  • Employee engagement and development
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Community engagement

Good Corporate Governance

Transparent, accountable and effective corporate governance is central to the success of our business.

  • Creation and maintenance of company policies
  • Ethics and compliance
  • Cybersecurity and data protection
  • Risk management

Over the past decade, BTB has undertaken sustainability projects with the goal of improving our environmental and social impact. We are taking steps to formalize our approach to ESG and better manage sustainability risks and opportunities across our business.

Impact FAQs

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