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BTB announces 2019 election of trustees

BTB announces 2019 election of trustees

Montréal, Québec (June 12, 2019): BTB Real Estate Investment Trust (TSX: BTB.UN) (“BTB”) is pleased to announce today that each of trustee nominee listed in the Management Information Circular dated May 7, 2019 was elected as Trustee of BTB during the Annual Meeting of the Unitholders held in Montreal on June 11, 2019.

The details of the election are as follows:

Trustee nominee Outcome For Withheld
Number % Number %
Jocelyn Proteau Elected 4,988,230 94.75 276,341    5.25
Jean-Pierre Janson Elected 5,035,286 95.64 229,285    4.36
Luc Martin Elected 4,670,421 88.71 594,150 11.29
Fernand Perreault Elected 4,961,498 94.24 303,073    5.76
Lucie Ducharme Elected 4,918,662 93.43 345,909    6.57
Luc Lachapelle Elected 4,709,930 89.46 554,641 10.54
Sylvie Lachance Elected 4,923,623 93.52 340,948    6.48
Peter Polatos Elected 4,859,952 92.31 404,619    7.69
Michel Léonard Elected 5,059,854 96.11 204,717    3.89

The results of the final votes regarding all matters subject to a vote during the Annual Meeting of the Unitholders are available on the SEDAR website (

About BTB

BTB is a real estate investment trust listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. BTB is an important owner of properties in eastern Canada. BTB owns 65 commercial, office and industrial properties for a total leasable area of more than 5.2 million square feet. BTB’s asset value is approximately $830 million. The objectives of BTB are: i) to grow its revenues from its assets to increase distributable income and therefore fund distributions; (ii) to maximize the value of its assets through dynamic management of its properties in order to sustain the long-term value of its units; and (iii) to generate cash distributions that are fiscally beneficial to unitholders.

BTB offers a distribution reinvestment plan to unitholders whereby the participants may elect to have their monthly cash distribution reinvested in additional units of BTB at a price based on the weighted average price for BTB’s units on the Toronto Stock Exchange for the five trading days immediately preceding the distribution date, discounted by 3%.

For further information, please contact:

BTB Real Estate Investment Trust
Mr. Michel Léonard
President and Chief Executive Officer
514-286-0188, ext. 228