Our BOMA Best Certified Buildings

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    BOMA BEST is the Canadian industry standard for commercial building sustainability certification and provides guidelines for maintaining strong practices with regard to energy, water, waste and air quality management. Presently, 37%* of our portfolio by floor area is certified. We aim to achieve a 100%* certification rate by 2025, ensuring that every property in our portfolio proudly displays either BOMA BEST or LEED certification.

    *Excluding industrial and single-tenant buildings.

    Practical Benefits

    Operational Efficiency

    Certified buildings actively promote reductions in energy usage and carbon emissions.


    Certified buildings deliver a superior resale value compared to non-certified alternatives.

    Asset Value

    Certified buildings demonstrate increased rental rates and lower rates of vacancy.

    BOMA BEST Silver

    1170 Lebourgneuf Boulevard, Quebec City, QC
    • 2600 Alfred-Nobel Blvd (St-Laurent)
    • 2344 Alfred-Nobel Blvd (St-Laurent)
    • 3111 Saint-Martin Blvd West (Laval)
    • 3131 Saint-Martin Blvd West (Laval)
    • 315-325 MacDonald Street (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu)
    • 6655 Pierre-Bertrand Blvd (Quebec City)
    • 815 Lebourgneuf Blvd (Quebec City)
    • 505 Des Forges Street (Trois-Rivières)
    • 1500 Royale Street (Trois-Rivières)

    BOMA BEST Bronze

    2204 Walkley Road, Ottawa, ON
    • 5810 Sherbrooke Street East (Montreal)
    • 2200 Walkley Street (Ottawa)
    • 7 and 9 Montclair Blvd (Gatineau)
    • 6700 Pierre-Bertrand Blvd (Quebec City)

    BOMA BEST Certified

    204 De Montarville Boulevard, Boucherville, QC