Our LEED Certified Buildings

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    4 buildings in our portfolio are LEED Certified, which indicates that they were designed and built, or operated, to achieve high performance in various areas of human and environmental health.

    Practical Benefits


    LEED certification helps reduce climate change effects by taking a holistic approach to ESG that focuses on an array of critical aspects such as energy, water, waste, carbon emissions and more.

    Efficiency and performance

    Certified buildings have a higher resale value, lower operational costs, and higher occupancy rates than non-certified buildings.

    Tenant well-being

    Certified buildings enhance tenant and employee well-being by prioritizing healthy air quality, access to daylight, pollution reduction and more.

    Our LEED Certified Buildings

    2600 Alfred-Nobel Blvd, St-Laurent (LEED Gold Certified)

    979 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON (LEED Gold Certified)

    East View 3111, Saint-Martin Boulevard West, Laval QC
    3111 Saint-Martin Blvd West, Laval (LEED Silver Certified)

    2611 Queensview Drive, Ottawa, ON (LEED Certified)