1-9 & 10, Brewer Hunt Way and 1260-1280, Teron Road,
Ottawa, ON K2K 2B5

Property Details

Property Type
129,576 square feet
Available Units
Fully leased
Year Built
Blocs A & B - 1984 / Bloc C - 1986 (extended in 1999) / Bloc E - 1971 (extended in 1983) / Bloc F - 1997


1-9 and 10, Brewer Hunt Way & 1260-1280, Teron Road is located on the north side of Teron Road between Carling Avenue and March Road in a mixed commercial and industrial sector of Ottawa. The property consists for the most part of a single storey multi-tenant complex constructed without a basement, with the exception of block A which is provided with a basement and a portion of block C which consists of two (2) storeys at the front (south) side. Parking areas are provided around the complex.

Available Units

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