2611, Queensview Drive,
Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2

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77,575 square feet
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Fully Leased
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Built in 2012 with the most modern specifications, 2611 Queensview Drive features a state-of-the-art design and superior physical qualities that enhance its curb appeal. Designed to be over 35% more energy efficient than the Model National Energy Code and having earned a LEED designation, the building features ample daylight, excellent indoor air quality and is designed to encourage and facilitate bicycle commuting. The property is currently fully leased to an attractive  mix of national tenants. 2611 Queensview Drive is located in the West Ottawa market, along the Queensview corridor approximately 10 minutes outside of the Downtown core. Considered to be an attractive location, Queensview Drive benefits from easy access by Highway 417 and by the city’s main thoroughfares such as Pinecrest Ave, Wooddroffe Ave and Carline Ave. Surrounding amenities to the property include shopping, dining, fitness and banking as well as Canada’s largest IKEA store.

Available Units

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