8810, 48th Avenue,
Edmonton, AB T6E 5L1

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83,292 square feet
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Fully Leased
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Built in 1978, these 83,292 square foot industrial properties are located in the heart of the McIntyre Industrial Park and are currently leased to four tenants, including Redco Equipment Sales Group (“Redco”), already a BTB client at 8743 50th Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta. These properties consists of two sites, each with its own one-storey commercial/industrial building.

Redco is one of the major players in the wellhead completion tools sector in the Canadian market of fossil energies. Over the past twenty years, Redco has experienced unparalleled growth, continually picking up market share and diversifying with new product offerings and strategic acquisitions of proprietary technologies. The company now has more than 250 employees, and its operations extend across Western Canada, from British Columbia to Saskatchewan.


Available Units

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