Multi-disciplinary engineering firm providing R&D, electronics design, and digital transformation consulting services

Orthogone is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm that develops innovative solutions for complex technological challenges. We provide R&D, electronics design, and digital transformation consulting services to various industries, including healthcare, automotive, telecommunications, data centers, aerospace and defense, and security.

We facilitate the development of innovative products requiring in-depth knowledge of software development, embedded systems, FPGAs and SoCs for our many Quebec and global clients. We understand the importance of collaboration and partnership to achieve our client’s goals.

By establishing a partnership, we can combine our advanced engineering expertise with our deep understanding of leading-edge technologies and market trends, creating a powerful synergy that drives innovation and delivers exceptional value to the customer.

Founded in 2007 in Montreal, Canada, Orthogone is a privately held company with over 105 employees.

Since its creation in 2007, Orthogone had a clear vision: to create a solutions development services company including both the development of electronic products, but also the development of high value-added software (connectivity, performance, security, vision, redundancy, etc.)

Orthogone then saw the opportunity to create a product and solutions development group composed of resources specialized in complex challenges and to use this engineering group to help the Montreal ecosystem. Building a team with knowledge and experience takes years and requires investing in ongoing training. Developing innovative products requires creative thinking in an environment that fosters collaboration and encourages continuous learning. Each member of the Orthogone team benefits from the company’s investment in research and development over the past 16 years.

Orthogone has been working in partnership with American multinationals for several years by being involved alongside them in their advanced engineering groups. This know-how combined with the intellectual properties thus developed also allows us to actively participate, behind the scenes, in the economic growth of several Quebec and global technological companies by responding both to a critical problem of staff shortage, but above all by increasing the level of innovation and functionality of their products.

As products and technologies become more complex, the expertise needed to update and develop new versions increases. It is difficult, if not impossible, for a company to have staff in-house with all the necessary technical skills. Long before certain technologies reach the general public, Orthogone works behind the scenes to develop the seemingly impossible for several companies.

Over the past 7 years, Orthogone has steadily increased its R&D investments to develop its portfolio of FPGA solutions optimized for ultra-low latency networking applications that enable brokers to access financial markets much faster, more efficiently and by consuming less energy. Our goal is to lead the way for financial industry players, such as investment banks and hedge fund firms, who are adopting more advanced technologies in their quest for comprehensive, efficient and more profitable infrastructure.

We are proud to have collaborated, among others, with FLO, a pioneer of sustainable electric vehicle solutions in Quebec. Our expertise has helped push the boundaries of innovation to optimize electric vehicle charging solutions, thereby reducing their environmental footprint.

Green is more than a color to us; it’s a philosophy. It’s our commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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